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7 Tips To Bounce Back After Eating A Bit Too Much

Tis the season to over-indulge. It’s so easy to get swept up in the holiday festivities, the music, the parties, the out-of-town visitors and of course the food.It’s enough to make even the most health-conscious person wonder where the healthy habits went come January. Personally, I relate to this: I have a super addictive personality, […]

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Fat City: What Can Stop Obesity?

This is a rather long article but definitely worth the read. It is written by a physician in an obesity clinic. I think it hits the nail on the head in summing up the obesity epidemic we face in our present society. We’ve gotten so accustomed to a reliance on western medicine to cure all […]

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Trim Tips for Thanksgiving

  The amount that an average person consumed on Thanksgiving Day, according to reports from the American Council on Exercise and the Calorie Control Council, is 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat! That’s 2-3 days worth of calories all packed into a single meal!! And that doesn’t even count the leftovers, Friday clean-up dinners, weekend […]

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Waiting on the Weight Loss Fairy

I recently relocated to the very health-conscious metropolitan are of San Diego, California where, it seems, the personal trainer to ordinary citizen ratio is seemingly more than 1 to 1, and I’ve come to realize just how very many “magic” pills, lotions, formulas and programs are being touted. It’s incredible. While I think that some […]

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Weight Loss Myths Busted

I came across yet another article addressing why people have a tough time losing weight. With so many fads, trends, “magic pills”, workout regimens and reality weight-loss shows it’s no wonder why there’s so much confusion out there. Personally, I’ve found that most people can get behind a new way of eating as long as […]

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