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Brain Benefits of Exercise

I thought this was an interesting article and felt my audience might feel the same. Here you go. When you work out, your muscles are not the only things getting stronger. Substantial data shows that a moderate amount of intense exercise improves memory. Doing 20 minutes of intense exercise three times a week increases the […]

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Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview

I have worked with the baby boomer and senior markets for most of my career because I find that I relate well with them and because in many ways we are of like mind. Because of the time I’ve spent working with this demographic I feel I know a thing or two about them – perhaps more than […]

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Posture Changes in Aging Women

  Being a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and having Sports Medicine Certifications I feel as though I can tout myself as somewhat of an expert in this arena. Many of my clients fall into this category and I can confirm that in most cases these changes can be improved and corrected with a relatively […]

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The ABC’s of Balance Improvement

Just how important is it to be able to balance ourselves in daily life? While it’s unlikely that there will suddenly be a rush of people walking tightropes anytime soon the ability to balance our weight is tremendously important. The simple act of walking, for example, requires a remarkable amount of balance and coordination when […]

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